Beautiful Blooms 🌼

Heyo peeps, hope all’s going well with you!!

I just wanted to share these pictures and a quick message I posted to Instagram yesterday. 😊

“Apologies for the recent lack of art and blog content, friends!! I’ve been slowly working at some bigger projects, so there’s not a lot to show on a daily basis. I’m also in an introductory 3D Printing and Coding camp this week, and that’s been sucking most of my creative juice up in the mornings so that I’m exhausted and barely able to conjure much past a scribble by the time I get home.

But I’m enjoying the new experiences and finally getting to learn about some equipment processes I’ve been intrigued by for a long time, so it’s all good.

Anyway, here’s some pictures of one of my favorite spots in our backyard! These flowers are always so bright and vibrant, and I get so excited when I see them blossoming each spring. “

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Blooms 🌼

    • Aren’t they just so cheerful-looking?? They were planted here when we moved to this house, and since we’ve been here they’ve multiplied and there’s more of them every year!!

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