Writing Prompts

This post is going to be short and very different from everything I’ve posted here so far. There are reasons for that:

  1. I needed to publish something, seeing as I missed last week and I don’t want to fall back into the habit of inconsistent, only-when-I-feel-like-it blogging, and
  2. I want to stir up discussion on this blog as much as possible, and seeing as I have a lot of excellent readers and writers who follow me, I thought it would be fun to get y’all involved in this thing I’m about to tell you about!

So here’s the deal: I’ve been wanting to start writing more for a while. As most of you know and I’ve mentioned here before, writing is my passion. However, it can be tough to just sit down and… write stuff. With drawing, I can force myself to sketch different faces or basic shapes, even when I don’t feel the inspiration to create an entire piece.

With writing, though… it’s not that simple. If you don’t have a book or other similarly large, planned project in the works, it’s hard to just think up things to write about.

I’ve thought about writing some short fanfics to help get the words flowing, and I’ve dreamed up a few OCs that I’ve thought about writing some short stories/situations for. I’ve thought about finding some good writing prompts and writing some short, fast flash-fiction style pieces to publish on here. I’m also wanting to participate in Inktober for the first time this October, and I’ve considered using the prompts for that to also create little stories that go along with the drawings (which I’ll likely be posting on my Instagram first).

But the core of all these plans and potentials is simply – I want to write more.

And I’d love to get you guys to give me some prompts.

Throw me some words, phrases, ideas, scraps of dialogue, anything! If you have a song or painting, a poem or scripture verse, that you think I could write something revolving around, give me that! I’ll be honest: I have no idea what the quality of these things might be, and they’ll all be short, probably a few hundred words apiece. I’ll probably combine some till I find something that inspires me. Some may end up as fanfics 😉 (actually, come to think of it, if you have fanfic-specific prompts, send me those too!! I won’t promise anything, and as I said, everything I write will be short, essentially drabbles, but it might be fun!)

So yeah, give me all your ideas! 😀

(Also if you noticed that I set the format for this post to “chat,” the reason for that is that I’m legitimately curious to see what that is and how it works XD )

9 thoughts on “Writing Prompts

  1. Ok well apparently the “chat” format doesn’t really do… anything.
    And I just did some research on the WordPress help/getting started sites, and they say basically zilch concerning it. So that’s a bit odd, imo.
    However, everything I wrote up there still stands!! Comment with writing prompts for me, PLEASE!! 😀


  2. That Inktober idea sounds great!
    Writing prompts… I’ll try, but I can’t promise anything usable. 😆

    Peter P. is stuck waiting somewhere for hours to catch a
    villain, what are some interesting ways he finds to entertain himself?

    Write about what happens when a person finds a mysterious egg.

    A porg tries various methods to become friends with Chewbacca. (Or Kylo, or grumpy Luke.)

    A person or sentient creature from a different world is transported to earth, and doesn’t understand what things like trees and flowers are, or why people sleep.

    You have to adopt one of the marshmallow/fat blob creatures from DW. (their name has escaped me at the moment.) How do your family members react to it, and what chaos ensues?

    Write about how not having one of the pieces of The Armor Of God on would affect a situation.

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  3. I love this idea, Shay!! And I TOTALLY relate to having trouble starting to just WRITE ANYTHING. XD

    Hmmm…I’ll try to come up with a couple writing prompts for ya.

    “I haven’t seen you in forever! I mean…I thought with the spy agency incident and everything, you’d have dropped off the grid.”

    “Can we PLEASE just stop?! I am so tired of this.”

    Jacen Syndulla is eight years old and bored out of his mind. What does he do? (Try to matchmake Ezra and Sabine, sneak spicy things into Zeb’s meals, etc.)

    “Please tell me that is not a snake you brought home.”

    In a sci-fi setting, a boy finds a discarded and misunderstood robot and sets out to become friends with it.


    • Haha, thank you Amelie!!! And these are some really great prompts, thank you so much for sending them in!! (I’m especially looking forward to writing something for that one about Jacen, lol!) 😀

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      • Yay!! You’re so welcome! I had a lot of fun coming up with them!! (I can’t wait to read it, if you decide to write something for them 🙂 ) I apologize for the SUPER late comments on your posts!!! Things have been really crazy for me lately, and I’m FINALLY getting back to the blogosphere! XD

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  4. A little girl “hires” the detective who lives next door to help find her lost doll. The detective agrees, but finds more than a missing toy.

    Five Children and It where the children live in a refugee camp and It is their game of make-believe.

    Twin girls are playing together in their bedroom. One of the two is an android — a replica of the sister the other one had lost in early childhood. Neither of them knows anything is different between them.

    Choose a well-established cliché, in any genre, and write a story that uses it and twists it into something totally new.

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    • Oooh, these are all super interesting to think about!! Thanks for supplying them, I’m definitely looking forward to making up stories to fit them!! 😀


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