cover reveal!! – Forcefield by C. B. Cook

Heyo, everyone!! Today I’m participating in the cover reveal for C. B. Cook’s forthcoming next installment in her IDIA series. I’ve been sitting here at my laptop for a bit now trying to figure out how to start this post, but all the things I came up with to say were just flailing and yelling about how much I love this series and how excited I am for Forcefield, so I’m just going to jump right in and give you the cover and the blurb from C. B., and then I’ll do my hollering. 😂

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Insomniac thoughts no. 1

A forward to the blog post you’re about to read:

I’ve been struggling to sleep well lately, and have regularly found myself staring at the ceiling of my room for hours before drifting off. One night earlier this week, I was tired of this routine, so I decided to try writing what I was thinking and feeling in a stream-of-consciousness blog draft. Here are those thoughts in a slightly edited form. I know this might sound a little depressing, but I value transparency and being truthful about my thoughts and feelings, choosing to share them in this almost journal-like format, over attempting to twist them into an inspirational post full of overused words and out-of-context Bible verses.

These are simply my own thoughts as they came to me in the early morning when I couldn’t sleep.

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