Important Note

(A version of this note also appears at the bottom of the sidebar on my main page.)

Mentions or reviews of books, films, TV series, comics, audio dramas, or any other form of media on this site does not necessarily equal my full approval/endorsement of everything about said media, including all content, philosophies, and messages that may be included therein. This also applies to fandoms and the works they are built upon.

Basically: just because I discuss or consider myself a fan of a certain piece of media does not necessarily mean I approve of all aspects of that piece of media. Please don’t just take the fact that I enjoy it or am excited about it as a sign that you should definitely go watch/read/listen to it as well. Please do your own research to decide if the media in question is appropriate for you/your intended audience. I may not have the same convictions, sensitivities, or triggers as you, and I really don’t want anyone to be upset by anything I’ve (perhaps inadvertently) promoted.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog and reading this note!

  • Shay