Sunshine Blogger Award

The other day, I received a comment from Amelie letting me know that she’d tagged me for the Sunshine Blogger Award, and I’d somehow managed to completely miss it. *facepalm* (I do that a lot, don’t I?)

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The Queue – August ’19

Welcome back to another installment of The Queue! In these monthly blogs, I look back over the activities I’ve done in the past month, listing the books, films, music, and podcasts that I’ve been enjoying, and look forward to the things I want to do next. The purpose is to remind me that even when I feel like I’ve done nothing productive, I’m actually getting things done all the time, and I hope that through my brief reviews, you’ll find something new to enjoy as well! 🙂

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The Queue – July ’19

Hello, and welcome to the very first installment of The Queue! The intention of this series of posts is to list the things I’ve been enjoying each month and give a brief review for each, as well as look forward to the things I plan to read/watch/listen to in the coming month. Hopefully you, my readers, will find some helpful recommendations through these posts. And hopefully the Star Trek pun makes you laugh (or perhaps snort derisively – listen, just being a fan of The EntrePUNneur doesn’t automatically make you a proficient pun-master). 😛

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