author Q&A with Maribeth Barber–Operation Lionhearted blog tour

*glides in the blogsphere wearing a long swooshy coat and peers at all of you over the top of my (sonic) sunglasses*

*immediately melts into a puddle of sweat*

Hello, friends. I hope this blog post finds you all having a lovely Wednesday and that you’re currently experiencing comfortable weather, whatever that may mean to you. Here in the Deep South, we’re in the midst of what I call The Most Infuriating Time of the Year: it’s officially autumn, the leaves are just beginning to turn, the mornings and evenings are crisp and cool… but the middle of the day still has all the coziness of a wet cotton blanket in the hands of a deranged lunatic determined to make sure you never draw breath again.

It’s been a hot (heh. literally.) minute since I updated the blog, and I apologize to the handful of commenters who left messages that have yet to be approved or responded to within the last few months. The last seven months have been a time of new experiences for me, starting with graduation and the first summer in 12+ years I was able to spend simply enjoying myself with no thought of studies or essays or assignment deadlines soon to return. Towards the end of summer, I was hired for my first job, and life has been a blur since then. It’s been a mostly good blur, though; after just a few months of being a full-time homebody with no greater goals or purposes aside from my sewing projects, I was feeling pretty pointless, and having a steady schedule is something I need to get used to before college.

Hopefully, I’ll be sharing a more detailed and introspective personal post with you all pretty soon, but today I come bearing an entirely different–and likely far more enjoyable–gift: an author interview with a dear friend and very lovely human, Maribeth Barber, whose debut novel, Operation Lionhearted, releases October 13th.

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